Peter DiPasqua, Sr. was a barber living in Connecticut when he first discovered Subway in 1976. By the spring of 1977, he had opened the first Subway restaurant in Central Florida.

By 1980, this Subway pioneer was recognized as an innovative leader in the system and was selected to become a Subway Development Agent. He founded Subway Development of Central Florida, Inc. and was responsible for the expansion and well-being of Subway throughout eleven Florida counties. Joined thereafter by sons Curtis and Michael, Subway Development of Central Florida was soon acknowledged as one of the leading development groups in America.

In 1987, determined to find new ways to improve Subway in Central Florida, the DiPasquas decided to form PCMD Management, Inc. The company is committed to opening and acquiring Subway restaurants using the newest décor, equipment, service methods and management and marketing techniques in order to provide leadership by example to the Subway community.

It worked! Central Florida soon became a national model for restaurant design, marketing and overall management.

Today, PCMD Management owns and operates 54 of the over 330 Subways in the Central Florida area. We continue to lead Central Florida by being first and best in restaurant design, management and marketing. We adhere to the highest Subway standards for products, service and image. We take great pride in our role as leaders in the Subway community.